Musings of an Irish Samurai on the North Coast of America

by kenneth l. warner

Thanks for dropping by my website. Welcome! And, whether you came here because you know me, or you stumbled upon it looking for something else, I guess I owe you an explanation as to what this really is. 

First, the "Irish Samurai" part comes from my heritage. My mother was half Japanese and a war bride -- brought home from Honolulu, Hawaii to Ilion, New York by my somewhat Irish father at the end of World War II. It wasn't a very popular thing at the time, being a half-breed Jap in the Mohawk Valley, but more about that later.

I have a job I really love.  I have a family I love even more. I have a boat, a motorcycle, a cottage called "The Ice Flow" and, a lot of other stuff. But mostly, I have a desire to write -- and I do -- on computers, in notebooks, on walls and on little bits of paper. Musings really. And most of it done at The Ice Flow, on the North Coast of America.

I get to create all kinds of things here and I hope you enjoy the musings of a fellow traveler on the road of life. 

It's a lot of different things: It's made up of a link to my Blog that I write for the Democrat and Chronicle, and a blog I created just for this site. It has some short stories I have written, some essays about my life, some photos of things and the people I love. 

It's a place where I can write, and you can come to read or comment or complain or I suppose you can even argue, though I have to tell you it probably won't do you much good because it's my page and I can throw out anything that doesn't agree with my sensitivity. 

It's where I am kinda like God and like the old crooner once sang -- I get to do it "My Way."

In any event, I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I enjoyed doing the writing.  

(Please Note: All materials on this site ┬ękenneth l. warner, 2013)